[Moin-user] Question about upgrading

Chris Freemesser chris at cvs.rochester.edu
Thu Jun 23 14:43:51 EDT 2011

On 6/23/11 2:09 PM, Raul Cuza wrote:
> Hola Chris,
> If you use `touch filename` instead of `vi filename` do you get the same
> results? You can use `stat filename` to see what changes before and after
> using the vi. I suspect `touch` will make the same change.

Thanks for the reply.  I already figured out that 'touch' does the same thing 
as 'vi'...it allows the file to be read.  Another reader e-mailed me with a few 

I originally tried "find . -exec touch {} \;", which changed the timestamp on 
the files, but did NOT fix the problem.  Just a minute or two ago, I tried 
"find . -name 00* -exec touch {} \;", and a quick check of a few pages would 
seem to indicate that it might have done the trick.  The magic of Unix, I guess. :)


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