[Moin-user] Running moin reliably from a thumbdrive

Peter Olsen pcolsen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 22:16:20 EST 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I need to be able to run moinmoin desktop from a thumbdrive.  I  
haven't been able to make that work.  Can someone offer advice?

I've been running moinmoin desktop as a PIM and records organizer for  
both personal and professional information for about six years.  I  
need to have access from both my home and work computers.  Until  
recently I'd been synchronizing my different computers using  
mobile.me, but recent changes in our corporate IT security rules have  
made that impossible.

My only option seems to be to run moin from a thumbdrive,  but I can't  
get moinmoin to run reliably.  Sometimes it crashes with "Module not  
found" and sometimes it crashes with a cache error.

Perhaps I could keep just the data on the thumb drive and move the  
moin code to my hard drive, but I haven't been able to get moin to  
look on the thumbdrive for its data.

If I can't get moin working, then probably I'll have to dump my  
current database as static HTML files and start using something else.   
I've heard good reports of the Squeak Swiki.  But my first choice is  
to stay with moin if there is any way I can get things to work.


Some details:

  I'm running Python 2.6.4 under Max OS X 10.5.  I've been using  I've  
tried moin-1.84, -1.8.8, and -1.9.3 with all the data in the local  
wiki/data/pages directory.  I use the built-in server. I've got about  
1000 pages of data and, I believe, about 2000 pages of attachments.  I  
don't know how many revision files, etc.  The path on my thumbdrive  
is /ThumbRoot/Wiki/moin-1.8.4/wikiserver.py.  Data is at ThumbRoot/ 
Wiki/moin-1.8.4/wiki/data/pages.  I've tried starting the server both  
from the GUI and from a terminal window.  In the terminal, I've tried  
starting it from within the directory (./wikiserver.py) and using a  
full path name (/Volumes/.../Wiki/moin-1.8.4/wikiserver.py)  The  
method of call didn't seem to make a difference.

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