[Moin-user] Occupy Moin Street!

Nico Zanferrari nicozanf at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 06:43:45 EST 2011

Moin to all, this is a CALL FOR ACTION!

- the problem: Moin actually has a really old fashioned design.
Looking at it, you could think you're still living in the Ronald
Reagan era. "Gone with the wind" seems much cooler than the official
theme and the corresponding web site.

- the need: we absolutely need a good designer and UI architect who
will be able to take us in the post-Obama era. The new 2.0 version
should be a revolution, not only for the code but also for the eyes!

- the risk: we've learned from the past that making a new theme is
quite easy. But having a fully supported one, with high quality and
committed developers for the near future is not so simple.

So, a great addition to the Moin team would be some artistic/design
person who feels passionate about moin, and about creating and
maintaining a good theme. If you think you could help, please apply


Apart from the propaganda and jokes, I wrote a 'desperate' mail on
this subject to Thomas Waldmann. He replied and suggested to forward
his ideas here. This is the relevant part of his original mail:


For moin2 (which is the "in development" version and the place where new
stuff should happen), we also search for someone caring about this
stuff. While it has increasingly high power inside, it still looks very
raw and misses UI design at many places.

I'ld like to have 1 or 2 themes there: something looking similar to 1.9
modernized (just for continuity) and some sidebar theme, maybe looking
similar to mediawiki (not 1:1 but somehow similar).

I don't want to have more builtin themes, see maintenance problem
described above and also I think it is important to concentrate on a few
quality themes than having a big quantity of "80% finished themes".

That 80% thing was one of the problems I was seeing with many 1.9 themes
btw. - themes that looked great at first glance, but lacked support for
important functionality. Or for scalability, or for RTL, or ...




Have a great moin2,

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