[Moin-user] Occupy Moin Street!

Kai Jaeger kai at aplteam.com
Mon Nov 21 02:13:00 EST 2011

Although I cannot contribute in any respect due to a lack of
necessaryskills I would like to express my support: Nico is absolutely
right;this needs to be addressed.
Are there any plans for a general test suite for testing themes?
That would be a great improvement because it would give one
theopportunity to check whether a certain theme is working as it
should.Together with a history it would make the decision in favour
(oragainst) of a certain theme much easier.


On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 11:43, Nico Zanferrari <nicozanf at gmail.com> wrote:
> Moin to all, this is a CALL FOR ACTION!
> - the problem: Moin actually has a really old fashioned design.
> Looking at it, you could think you're still living in the Ronald
> Reagan era. "Gone with the wind" seems much cooler than the official
> theme and the corresponding web site.
> - the need: we absolutely need a good designer and UI architect who
> will be able to take us in the post-Obama era. The new 2.0 version
> should be a revolution, not only for the code but also for the eyes!
> - the risk: we've learned from the past that making a new theme is
> quite easy. But having a fully supported one, with high quality and
> committed developers for the near future is not so simple.
> So, a great addition to the Moin team would be some artistic/design
> person who feels passionate about moin, and about creating and
> maintaining a good theme. If you think you could help, please apply
> within!
> **********************************************************************
> Apart from the propaganda and jokes, I wrote a 'desperate' mail on
> this subject to Thomas Waldmann. He replied and suggested to forward
> his ideas here. This is the relevant part of his original mail:
> [...]
> For moin2 (which is the "in development" version and the place where new
> stuff should happen), we also search for someone caring about this
> stuff. While it has increasingly high power inside, it still looks very
> raw and misses UI design at many places.
> I'ld like to have 1 or 2 themes there: something looking similar to 1.9
> modernized (just for continuity) and some sidebar theme, maybe looking
> similar to mediawiki (not 1:1 but somehow similar).
> I don't want to have more builtin themes, see maintenance problem
> described above and also I think it is important to concentrate on a few
> quality themes than having a big quantity of "80% finished themes".
> That 80% thing was one of the problems I was seeing with many 1.9 themes
> btw. - themes that looked great at first glance, but lacked support for
> important functionality. Or for scalability, or for RTL, or ...
> Cheers,
> Thomas
> [...]
> Have a great moin2,
> Nico
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