[Moin-user] Any attempt to use the GUI editor results in exception

David Howland metalliqaz at fastmail.fm
Thu Nov 15 08:46:35 EST 2012

py-xml wasn't installed.

On to the next problem.  By default, CategoryCategory comes with this:

Here is a list of all pages containing the CategoryCategory wiki tag:

So I created CategoryBlog, and chose to add it to CategoryCategory, but 
of course it doesn't show up in CategoryCategory yet.  How do I get the 
'cache' in FullSearchCached to be updated?  I can't find that documented 

While I'm at it, what does "category:" do and how is it different from 
"regex:"?  I can't find that documented anywhere either.



On 11/15/2012 7:54 AM, Lars Kruse wrote:
> Hi David,
>> What I really need to know is how I can get moin to give me the details
>> of the exception so I can report more detail here.
> did you already take a look at the error log of your webserver?
> Cheers,
> Lars

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