[Moin-user] Request to setup moinmoin ldap intergraion

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Oct 2 10:42:11 EDT 2012

> 2) Linux  :  CentOS 5.8 , 64 bit 

Please note that CentOS 5 has rather old/outdated python support and may
cause problems or a lot of manual work due to this.
About getting ldap to work: this is mostly an issue about the right
parameters and they are specific to your ldap server configuration.

Maybe just try the parameters you have using some ldap client tool (like
ldapsearch), whether they really work. If you get THAT working, try
again with moin. Usually it is just some parameter being wrong.

> I couldnt see any logs in the Apache error logs and in the ldap.log of
> the ldap server ( I couldnt even see that the moinmoin is connecting
> to the ldap server from the logs )

You can reconfigure moin's logging level (see logging.conf). There is a
special logging.conf sample in the download archive for auth debugging
(see wiki/server/config/... or so).

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