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Fri Dec 4 08:30:44 EST 2015

Hi Paul,
> > is it possible to display a variable in a fixed font like
> > VAR1 = {{{ <<GetVal(MyDict,VAR1)>> }}}
>  Have you tried it, and did it work? ;-)
> VAR1 = ` <<GetVal(MyDict,VAR1)>> `
It does not work - If i use {{{ ... }}} or ` ... `   i get
<<GetVal(MyDict,VAR1)>> in Fixed font but not the content of the VAR1 in fixed
If i set the variable like
 VAR1:: {{{ My Value }}} 
 VAR1:: ` My Value `
i also do not get "My value" but  <<GetVal(MyDict,VAR1)>>.
I checked just on https://moinmo.in/HelpOnFormatting and it says that Wiki
markup is ignored for {{{...}}} and `...`
So its looks like it is working as designed accept for parsing a variable ;-(
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