[Moin-user] Info - General Information ( from pages , has pages )

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Wed Dec 16 09:24:37 EST 2015

The "Info" link ( left of Attachments ) gives general information about a page.
This page links to the following pages: DHCP, NTP,
What i would like to know:
Is it possible to get the following information as well: ( Example)
 -  This page import/has links FROM: GlobalNetworkGuide
 This page is IMPORTED/LINKED by the  following pages: ListOfGuides
Reason for the question: This way it would be easy to see the link tree/loop of
different pages. 
 for in the above example somebody could see, that the  /Customer/NetworkGuide
reads stuff from the GlobalNetworkGuide and is listed in the ListOfGuides.
I think it would make it more to easy to maintain the wiki in cases where the
information is not within a single page or its sub pages,
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