[moin-user] How to rename pages and subpages?

Volker Wysk post at volker-wysk.de
Tue Aug 1 09:28:28 EDT 2017

Hello Christian!

Am Dienstag, 1. August 2017, 12:54:51 CEST schrieb Molecki, Christian (STL):
> > I don't quite get what you're saying in the last sentence. The pages are
> > all>
> >in the moin/data/pages directory, aren't they?
> That's correct.
> >They aren't ordered
> >hierarchically in the filesystem. The path separator "/" is mapped to
> >"(2f)".
> That's also correct.
> If you want to rename the subpages by renaming the motherpage, they should
> be ordered hierarchically (but they aren't).

Off list, I've asked you, if links referring to a page are updated when the 
page is renamed. You wrote No, they aren't. They will point to a non-existent 

I assume that this also applies to the RenamePage command of the package 

The way I want to use MoinMoin, I expect that I want to rename pages 
frequently. My enthusiasm of MoinMoin is fading...

I wonder if I could write a program for renaming pages, which directly 
manipulated the MoinMoin (file system) database. Would this be safe, if you 
stopped Apache before, and restarted it afterwards? What about Xapian? 
Anything else?


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