[moin-user] Double encoding bug in page names with spaces

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Tue Aug 22 17:08:00 EDT 2017

On Tuesday 22. August 2017 18.59.03 PETER BLEACKLEY wrote:
> I'm using MoinMoin 1.9.9, running as a wsgi app under Passenger on a shared
> Dreamhost server. URLs including encoded spaces and puncuation are being
> processed wrongly.

It seems that Passenger is not completely compliant with WSGI:


It might be worth telling Dreamhost this and/or seeing if they have any 
existing documentation about such matters. Meanwhile, you could probably fix 
this by modifying the MoinMoin/wsgiapp.py file that presumably gets deployed 
when using WSGI.


P.S. Sorry not to respond to your previous question about this, but I have 
been occupied with other matters, and since nobody is paying anyone to work on 
(and provide support for) Moin as far as I know, a timely response is not 
always guaranteed.

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