[moin-user] How do I add the help language packages to moinmoin-1.9.10?

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sat Nov 3 07:42:54 EDT 2018

On Thursday 1. November 2018 20.35.32 Peter Olsen wrote:
> I had already set myself up as superuser  (superuser = [u"PeterOlsen", ]) in
> both a wikiconfig.local.py file (shown below) and by adding the same line
> to my “standard” wikiconfig.py.
> Despite those entries, I am unable to login as “PeterOlsen”.  I don’t know
> why this is so.  This is a fresh installation, direct from the tar.gz and
> with no configuration, save for the insertion of my superuser designation
> in wikiconfig.py and wikiconfig.local.py.  This tar.gz comes directly from
> the moinmo.in website.  (I checked GitHub for a newer one, but without
> success)  This is the first time to login for any user.  I haven’t set a
> password.  Still, when I enter “PeterOlsen” as my user ID, I get "Missing
> password. Please enter user name and password.”   I have tried three virgin
> installs, directly from the tar.gz files, and have had the same result each
> time.

I think you do need to set a password. I haven't looked at the logic involved, 
but it would be surprising to me if Moin let you have an empty password or 
passwordless user login, at least unless you delegate authentication to 
something else.

> I have no idea why I’m being asked for my password for my first login into
> an unconfigured installation.  I’ve grepped my way through this and two
> previous working installations, 1.9.6 and 1.9.8, for the things such as the
> string “all_pages” and haven’t found it.  I’ve also looked for some
> evidence of a a password file with a “default” password, but again without
> success.
> It’s entirely possible that there still is some simple solution, but I
> haven’t been able to figure it out.

The way I've dealt with this for ages now is to create the principal user 
using the moin script as follows:

moin --config-dir='...' account create --name='...' --email='...' \

Obviously, you have to be careful about specifying passwords on the command 
line in multiuser systems. I don't remember if the moin script can be made to 
prompt for input, but since I find the script to behave in annoying ways 
generally, I wouldn't count on it. In any case, you can change your password 
later by other means if necessary.


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