[moin-user] MoinLight: converting and publishing Moin format documents

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Feb 6 14:35:57 EST 2020


I may have mentioned this project a while ago (on one of the mailing lists) in 
relation to the "moin export dump" functionality in MoinMoin, which I have 
needed to use occasionally. Certain aspects of Moin's export functionality are 
not ideal, however, and it isn't always clear how to produce exactly the 
results that are required [*].

Ultimately, I felt that I needed a more convenient way to export wiki pages 
and to publish them as static Web pages (either served or as local files). I 
also wanted to have some tools to work with the Moin format and to extend that 
format somewhat.

The result of all of this is the MoinLight distribution:


The Web site itself is generated from the project's own documentation:


In principle, this software could be used to support editable Web sites, but 
the current emphasis is on static publishing. There are plenty of things that 
could be improved in this software, but I thought that it would be 
constructive to make it available in its current form.

Since there may be other Moin users who, like me, are mostly (or often) using 
Moin to prepare and publish sites that will not be edited through the Web, I 
hope this is of interest to someone.


[*] I ended up adjusting Moin's export "script" and still had to use a simple 
server-side script to preserve the form of the URLs.

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