[moin-user] Looking for MiniPage macro for Moin 1.9

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Oct 2 16:34:09 EDT 2020

On Friday, 2 October 2020 18:38:38 CEST James J Wagner via moin-user wrote:
> The MiniPage macro is no longer working for us in all instances. Googling
> around I determine I need the version compatible with 1.9. I went to
> http://moinmo.in/MacroMarket/MiniPage and the download section shows a
> number of versions; all which are attachments to the page, except for the
> 1.9 version. That points to an external site. When I click on that, going
> to
> http://hg.moinmo.in/moin/extensions/file/tip/data/plugin/macro/MiniPage.py 
> I get a "502 Bad Gateway" error. Does anyone know where I can get this
> version of the MiniPage macro?

At some point, the MoinMoin repositories were migrated to Git, largely for the 
usual reasons about Git's supposed popularity, it being more likely to get 
people to contribute, and so on. In practice, what this means is that you now 
need to look here for various Moin-related things:


However, the extensions repository, which may have been more Reimar's work 
than Thomas's (or at least the code I was using from it was being maintained 
by Reimar), doesn't appear to be on GitHub even amongst Reimar's repositories:


Despite all this, the original repository page referenced above is archived:


So maybe this might help.

> It is my understanding I'm getting this error due to some issues with the
> parameter parsing. My SystemInfo is:
> Python Version: 2.7.5
> MoinMoin Version: 1.9.10
> The last version in MiniPage.py is: Version 1.8.4-6 refactored for 1.8.4
> added parameter escaping
> I'd appreciate a pointer to the newer version, or given the macro isn't that
> much code if someone knows "Oh, you just change line X from <this> to
> <this>", that would work too. :)

I did check to see if my ancient clone of the repository might have had some 
useful code, but it seems to be too ancient.


P.S. If you're using MiniPage as a workaround for the limited built-in Moin 
table parser, there is always this alternative table parser I wrote quite some 
time ago:


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