[Ncr-Python.in] [Commercial] Developers wanted in Delhi/NCR region

Vivek Puri vpuri.social at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 22:23:52 CET 2011


Mimir Technologies, Pvt. Ltd., India (http://www.mimirtech.com  ) has
several positions open immediately for developers, QA and UX people
in Delhi/NCR.

o Job description
  * Our main focus currently is software services and product
engineering for several
   companies based mostly on Django, Drupal and Apache Solr.

  * The major part of your time will go into working on one or more of
   these projects. You will also be expected to work with us, and our
   clients, in continually improving the value delivered by these

o Skills
  * Required:
   - At least one of the following languages: Python, PHP, Java
   - Capability to quickly pick up and use new technology,
     e..g, rapidly evaluating and integrating modules in the
     context of Drupal/Wordpress, or Django applications for
   - Unit and integration testing and continuous integration ( for QA )

  * Preferred
   - Experience with at least one of Django, Drupal, Wordpress,
     HTML/CSS, Apache Solr, or in building, and operating
     large-scale sites.
   - Experience with HTML5 and Android/iOS development
   - Using distributed version control systems
   - The ability to set up Apache, and deploy websites
   - Understanding of Agile Methodologies

  We are looking for people who are are willing to look beyond
  sheer technical interests in order to solve real-life problems
  for our clients. Our expectation is not that you are already
  well-versed in the areas that we work in, but that you are
  willing to pick up new things, and able to do so.

If interested, please emailcontact at mimirtech.com  with your
resume and preferred role. You can also address any questions to
that address. If you are a fresher and interested in one of the
above mentioned areas you can also apply to intern with MimirTech



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