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vanessa sochat vsochat at stanford.edu
Wed Aug 26 17:10:30 CEST 2015

Hi Group,

Ben and I are having some discussion
<https://github.com/vsoch/nipy-jekyll/pull/5#issuecomment-135027811> on the
higher level goals of the site, and want to bring everyone in. In summary,
we want something that is easy to contribute content to, and has continuous
integration for previewing updates. I am wondering, what was wrong
with the initial
look of the site <http://nipy.org/nibabel/>? Was it that sphinx is hard to
update? Jekyll has significant bugs that likely will only be worked out
with hacks. I'm not convinced that hosting on github pages with jekyll is
somehow ideal or easier than say, something like Google Sites for such a
simple portal. I'm not convinced that a platform like jekyll offers
improved code and documentation over a standard solution like sphinx. To go
to extremes, even a free hosted blog site would be a much easier workflow.
There is definitely work to be done to improve the look of the template,
and arguably we can get it looking more along the lines of something like
sphinx, but I want to place this front and center to the group before more
time is spent on it. I'm willing to invest time in just about anything in
terms of developing an ideal solution, but I want to make sure said
solution is in line with the goal for this site. It seems that Flask was
not appropriate, and I'm slightly dis-illusion-ed with the bugs that are
being revealed a-la jekyll. Let's bring this to discussion properly.



Vanessa Villamia Sochat
Stanford University
(603) 321-0676
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