[Neuroimaging] Installing dipy without compiling

Julien Cohen-Adad jcohen at polymtl.ca
Sun Oct 4 17:38:56 CEST 2015


For the software we are distributing (
https://github.com/neuropoly/spinalcordtoolbox), we would like to include

It's fairly easy to install it automatically via pip, however the OSX
platform requires XCode (or other compilers). Since this is a problem for
some of our users, I was wondering if there is a good way to precompile
dipy and include it in our package. Currently we do include some binaries
(e.g. ANTs) that work for OSX (>10.8) and most linux distributions
therefore this solution is very easy to support.

Thank you for your help,


Julien Cohen-Adad, PhD
Assistant Professor, Polytechnique Montreal
Associate Director, Functional Neuroimaging Unit, University of Montreal
Phone: 514 340 5121 (office: 2264);  Skype: jcohenadad
Web: www.neuro.polymtl.ca
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