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*Job Description*
You know dipy, nipype, ANTs, freesurfer, and all of that?

The challenge is to develop analysis systems for multidimensional medical
datasets that include imaging. Mint Labs is a SaaS platform that focus on
integrating diverse clinical, imaging, genomic, and other data to better
evaluate disease progression and response to interventions.
You thrive in analyzing data, developing pipelines to process imaging data,
and integrate multiple data points into meaningful group conclusions?

You are experienced in volumetric, diffusion, rs-fMRI studies, and are not
shy about Python, bash, R or whatever tool fits the work?

*Objectives of the position *
The position hinges on building sophisticated processing pipelines for
neuroimaging datasets.
Building, improving advanced connectomics and brain-parcellation techniques
in dMRI / fMRI.
Support the interaction with several external research partners and clients
to develop neuroimaging analysis

*About Mint Labs*
Mint Labs is a Barcelona based building a neuroimaging data analytics
cloud-based platform. system employs software tools to integrate thousands
of images and data from a patient and creates a specific detailed 3D map of
the brain. We can quantify the effect of the treatment in the damage of the
brain and characterise patients for clinical trials. The images are
directly sent from the scanners to our servers, and there the data is
automatically processed and analysed.
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