[Neuroimaging] Postdoctoral Fellowship in Spinal Cord and Parkinson's Disease

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*Postdoctoral Fellowship in Spinal Cord and Parkinson's Disease*

We are looking to recruit a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Julien Doyon’s *Motor
Learning and Plasticity Laboratory*, at McGill University. The suitable
candidate will join a team of post-doctoral fellows and PhD students who
are conducting neuroimaging research in motor learning, both fundamental
and clinical.

For the current job opening, we seek to recruit a post-doctoral fellow who
will *conduct neuroimaging and behavioral studies on healthy individuals
and Parkinson’s Disease (PD) patients*. These studies are part of a
research program aiming to characterize motor learning related plasticity
in both brain and spinal cord, as well as to identify neuronal correlates
of early stages of PD at both spinal and supra-spinal levels. The position
is based at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI).

The ideal candidate is expected to take the lead in regards to the
methodological aspects of the study, addressing specifically the challenges
related to the functional neuroimaging of the spinal cord, and to the
analysis of complex data sets. The fellow will be involved in all stages of
the research projects, from experimental design to data analysis and
manuscript writing.

The following requirements are mandatory:


   PhD degree in neuroscience or a related field;

   Experience with functional neuroimaging in human participants and with
   neuroimaging data analysis techniques and software (i.e. SPM, FSL or

   Ability to work independently and to collaborate with other team members;

   Excellent organizational and social skills, especially when dealing with
   patient participants;

   Established publication record attesting the above-mentioned

   Good English proficiency (especially scientific writing and oral

The following requirements are assets:


   Experience with spinal cord imaging;

   Experience with multivariate data analysis approaches as implemented in
   established neuroimaging data analysis software;

   Good proficiency with programming (such as Python or Matlab);

   French proficiency;

   Research experience with PD patients (or other movement-related

   Availability to start as soon as possible.

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV, a cover letter
and the contact information of two individuals who can provide references
at the following e-mail address: *francine.belanger at mcgill.ca
<francine.belanger at criugm.qc.ca>*
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