[Neuroimaging] Opportunities for experienced modellers to join a collaborative NSF-funded open-source software development project

Tal Yarkoni tyarkoni at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 19:02:27 EDT 2020

An NSF-funded multi-investigator collaboration is seeking individuals to
help develop a standardized format for exchanging computational models
among neuroscience, cognitive science and machine learning. The project was
recently funded by NSF’s Convergence Accelerator Program, and involves
Princeton Neuroscience Institute; The University of Texas at Austin;
University College London; Yale Computer Science Department; and Intel
Labs, in collaboration with members of the broader community.

We seek individuals who have considerable experience in computational
modeling in cognitive science, neuroscience, and/or machine learning.
Preference is for individuals with a PhD in a relevant discipline
(Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology and/or Computer Science), but others
with sufficient demonstrated experience will be considered.  Experience in
Python is necessary, and experience in one or more existing modeling
environments (e.g., NEURON, The Virtual Brain, NeuroML, Emergent, Nengo,
ACT-R, PyTorch and/or TensorFlow) is preferred. Involvement can be remote.

Interested individuals should contact Jonathan Cohen (jdc at princeton.edu),
Padraig Gleeson (p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk), or Tal Yarkoni (tyarkoni at utexas.edu).


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