[Neuroimaging] dicom to nifti

David Soto d.soto at bcbl.eu
Tue Oct 13 13:03:16 EDT 2020


I am trying to convert single dicom files to a nifti file for a real time fMRI analysis 
the code looks like this 

from nibabel.nicom import dicomreaders 
import pydicom 
dataset = pydicom.dcmread(dcm[0]) 
pepe = dicomreaders.mosaic_to_nii(dataset) 
pepe_nii = load_img(pepe) # loading nii with nibabel 

i tried this a couple of days on our Siemens Prisma and it worked fine using a phantom 
today using the same scanner and phantom sequence it gives an error 
DicomReadError: data does not appear to be in mosaic format 

could you help please? 

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