[Neuroimaging] Postdoctoral Fellowship in Machine Learning for Brain Connectivity in Clinical Neuroscience

Paolo Avesani avesani at fbk.eu
Wed Feb 9 10:52:01 EST 2022

A postdoctoral fellowship in Machine Learning for Brain Connectivity in
Clinical Neuroscience

We are pleased to announce the opening of one Postdoctoral Fellowship at
the Neuroinformatics Lab, an interdisciplinary initiative between the
Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC) of the University of Trento, and the
Center for Digital Health of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

The position is part of the “Neusurplan” project, an integrated approach to
neurosurgery planning based on multimodal and longitudinal data. The goal
is to pursue an integrated approach to pre-operative neurosurgical
planning, combining structural and functional characterization of brain
connectivity. The data driven strategy will take advantage of a unique
dataset of intra-operative points of directed electrical stimulation and
the related  functional responses.
In this project, the candidate will pursue research on machine learning
methods for neuroimaging data analysis to study and characterize brain
connectivity, with applications to longitudinal studies and clinical

The ideal candidate should have a mixed background in neuroimaging
techniques and numerate disciplines, like computer science, engineering,
physics, or mathematics. This project is in collaboration with the Division
of Neurosurgery, S. Chiara Hospital, Trento (IT).

The position is for a 2 year Postdoc Fellowship (May, 2022 - April, 2024).

We welcome expressions of interest for this position, please contact Paolo
Avesani (paolo.avesani at unitn.it) and/or Emanuele Olivetti (olivetti at fbk.eu)
 with your CV and a statement of intent.

The University of Trento ranks among top Italian Universities (
Fondazione Bruno Kessler ranks first among the Italian research centers in
Engineering and Computer Science (

To also consider a work/life balance, there is more than our passion for
translational research. You can check these pointers for a flavor of life
quality in Trentino: https://www.visittrentino.info/en;

A few papers related to the project are below:

Bertò G,et al., (2021) Classifyber, a robust streamline-based linear
classifier for white matter bundle segmentation, Neuroimage, 224

Sarubbo S, et al., (2020) Mapping critical cortical hubs and white matter
pathways by direct electrical stimulation: an original functional atlas of
the human brain, Neuroimage, 205

Astolfi P, et al., (2020) Tractogram filtering of anatomically
non-plausible fibers with geometric deep learning,  International
Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention
(MICCAI) LNCS, vol 12267. Springer

Sarubbo S, et al., (2021) Planning brain tumor resection using a
probabilistic atlas of cortical and subcortical structures critical for
functional processing: a proof of concept, Operative Neurosurgery, 20(3),

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