[New-bugs-announce] [issue5563] Document bdist_msi

Steven Bethard report at bugs.python.org
Thu Mar 26 00:32:58 CET 2009

New submission from Steven Bethard <steven.bethard at gmail.com>:

[Suggested in issue5095 by John Machin]

The 2.6.1 documentation consists of a *single* line:
"distutils.command.bdist_msi — Build a Microsoft Installer binary
package". The docs should explain briefly what an msi file is, and why a
packager might want to use it instead of wininst.

assignee: georg.brandl
components: Documentation
messages: 84168
nosy: bethard, georg.brandl
severity: normal
status: open
title: Document bdist_msi
type: feature request
versions: Python 2.6, Python 2.7, Python 3.0, Python 3.1

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