[Numpy-discussion] kdf file format I/O routine

cavallo at kip.uni-heidelberg.de cavallo at kip.uni-heidelberg.de
Sat Jan 26 14:01:02 EST 2002

this is my first attempt to give some back to the python/numerical-python
Here (http://kdfio.sourceforge.net) you can find an early release of my
I/O routine for reading and writing kdf file as in khoros environment.
Khoros (from http://www.khoral.com) is an interactive program for digital
image processing, we are using in our lab (university of heidelberg).
All the time i've found hard to use such environment because it
lacks some flexibility i need.
Now i've been using numerical python for some time and i would other will
use it as standard base for numerical computation, but for my purpose it
was lacking I/O with such an environment (khoros).
Khoros is not free, but anyway if you are using it i hope you will like
these routines to read and write their files.
These  are in an early stage, so expect a lot of bugs, missing feature and
so on: it's only my first project so feedbacks, suggestions and complains
are welcome.
Ops, i've forgotten: i'm personally using this rotines for my PHD, so they
should be reasonably stable.
The license should be BSD? GPL? LGPL? any comment is welcome, because i
never understood these problem (it is my first project, didn't i tell

best regards to all GREAT folks in this group,
antonio cavallo

ps. you can download khoros if you are a student from:

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