FW: [Numpy-discussion] Bug: extremely misleading array behavior

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Sat Jun 8 15:41:08 EDT 2002

> If you are proposing something like
> y = x + Float32(1.)
> it would work, but it sure leads to some awkward expressions.

Yes, that's what I am proposing. It's no worse than what we have now,
and if writing Float32 a hundred times is too much effort, an
abbreviation like f = Float32 helps a lot.

Anyway, following the Python credo "explicit is better than implicit",
I'd rather write explicit type conversions than have automagical ones
surprise me.

Finally, we can always lobby for inclusion of the new scalar types
into the core interpreter, with a corresponding syntax for literals,
but it would sure help if we could show that the system works and
suffers only from the lack of literals.

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