[Numpy-discussion] Current thoughts on future directions

David M. Cooke cookedm at physics.mcmaster.ca
Thu Mar 10 12:45:28 EST 2005

konrad.hinsen at laposte.net writes:

> On Mar 10, 2005, at 18:33, Stephen Walton wrote:
>> Can I put in a good word for Fortran?  Not the language itself, but
>> the available packages for it.  I've always thought that one of the
>> really good things about Scipy was the effort put into getting all
>> those powerful, well tested, robust Fortran routines from Netlib
>> inside Scipy.  Without them, it seems to me that folks who just
>> install the new scipy_base are going to re-invent a lot of wheels.
>> Is it really that hard to install g77 on non-Linux platforms?
> It takes some careful reading of the instructions, which in turn
> requires a good command of the English language, including some
> peculiar technical terms, and either some experience in software
> installation or a high intimidation threshold.
> It also takes a significant amount of time and disk space.
> Konrad.

I don't know about Windows, but on OS X it involves going to
and following the one paragraph of instructions. That could be
even be simplified if an .pkg were made...

In fact, it's so easy to make a .pkg with PackageMaker that I've done
it :-) I've put a .pkg of g77 3.4 for OS X (using the above binaries) at

[Warning: unsupported and lightly-tested. I'll email Gaurav Khanna
about making packages of his other binaries.]

It'll run, install into /usr/local/g77v3.4, and make a symlink at
/usr/local/bin/g77 to the right binary.

(To compile SciPy with this, I have to add -lcc_dynamic to the
libraries to link with. I've got a patch which I'll submit to the
SciPy bug tracker for that, soonish.)

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