[Numpy-discussion] Time for beta1 of NumPy 1.0

Christopher Hanley chanley at stsci.edu
Fri Jun 30 14:30:41 EDT 2006

>>Get the basearray into the python core and 
>>for sure I will be using that, whatever it is called. I was tempted to 
>>switch to numarray in the past because of the nd_image, but I don't see 
>>that in numpy just yet?
> It is in SciPy where it belongs (you can also install it as a separate 
> package).  It builds and runs on top of NumPy just fine.  In fact it was 
> the predecessor to the now fully-capable-but-in-need-of-more-testing 
> numarray C-API that is now in NumPy.

Hi Travis,

Where can one find and download nd_image separate from the rest of scipy?

As for the the numarray C-API, we are currently doing testing here at STScI.


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