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Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Jun 8 16:11:38 EDT 2009

Gökhan SEVER wrote:
> So far, IPython-Scite is the fastest that I can build my programs. 
> Experiment in Ipython and build pieces in Scite. I would like to know 
> what others use in this respect?

Peppy (http://peppy.flipturn.org/) + iPython

It would be nice to have those two integrated, though it's really not 
hard to switch between them. iPython's "run" is wonderful.

A note about Peppy: It's pretty new, not widely used, heavyweight and 
not feature complete. However, it does a fews things right (by my 
personal definition of right ;-) ) that I haven't seen in any other editor:

* Modern GUI (i.e. not Emacs or vim, which probably get everything else 

* Scripted/written in Python (the other reason not to use Emacs/vim)

* designed to be general purpose, not primarily python

* multiple top-level windows, and the ability to edit the same file in 
multiple windows at once.

* Python (and other languages) indenting done right (i.e. like Emacs 
Python mode)

* Fully cross platform (Windows, Mac, *nix (GTK) )

* all it's other features are pretty common...

Major missing feature: code completion -- I'm really starting to like 
that in iPython...

It's been my primary editor for year or so, and hasn't destroyed any 
data yet!

I'd love to see it get wider use.


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