[Numpy-discussion] shape is (3,4) or (3L,4L) ?

Mark Bakker markbak at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 04:32:42 EDT 2013

Now that you mention it, (3L,4L) probably indeed occurs on Windows 64 bit
Not sure about Mac 64 bit. I haven't tried that.

So, is it desirable that the 32bit returns different integers than the
64bit? I would guess not.



Are they all using the same platform ? I suspect you're seeing the (3L, 4L)
> on windows 64 bits, correct ?
> FWIW, the numpy provided in Canopy is straight up upstream numpy + few
> patches not merged in releases yet, and any divergence from upstream would
> be considered as a bug by the canopy packaging people (i.e. me :-) ).
> David

> Hello List,
> I am teaching a Python programming class where students use their own
> computer.
> When I create an array with 3 rows and 4 columns, a = zeros((3,4)), and
> ask for the shape, shape(a), then some students get (3,4), while others get
> (3L,4L).
> I guess the 3L and 4L are long integers. I wonder why they don't all get
> the same thing. They all installed numpy through Canopy Express. Any
> thoughts? Is this a setting in printoptions maybe?
> Thanks,
> Mark
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