[Numpy-discussion] MKL and OpenBLAS

Sturla Molden sturla.molden at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 08:27:00 EST 2014

Carl Kleffner <cmkleffner at gmail.com> wrote:

> In the case of numpy-MKL the MKL binaries are statically linked to the
> pyd-files. Given the usefulness, performance and robustness of the
> MKL-based binaries a definite answer to this question would be desirable.
> Say: "Can I use and re-redistribute a product with a precompiled
> numpy-MKL in a commercial enviroment without the need to by a Intel licence?

I don't see why this is relevant. 

If you make commercial software chances are you can afford a commercial
license for Intel's C++ or Fortran compiler. If you don't, you don't charge
your customers enough.

Also consider this: Can software packed and linked with MKL be sold in a
store? That is also redistribution, and the store is likely not to own an
MKL license. There is thus only one reasonable answer.

And besides, if you make commercial software, chances are your solicitor
verifies the license rights. If you don't consult a solicitor, that would
be at your own risk.


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