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Thu Jun 29 14:09:36 EDT 2017

On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 12:07 PM, Charles R Harris <
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> Hi All,
> I will be running the NumPy sprint at Scipy 2017 and I'm trying to put
> together a suitable list of things to sprint on. In my experience,
> sprinting on NumPy is hard, enhancements generally need lengthy review and
> even finding and doing simple bug fixes can take time. What I have in mind
> at this point, apart from what might be a getting started tutorial, could
> mostly be classified as janitorial work.
>    1.  Triage issues and close those that no longer apply. This is mind
>    numbing work, but it has been almost three years since the last pass.
>    2.  Move the contents of `numpy/doc` into `doc/source` and make them
>    normal *.rst files.
>    3.  Convert the doctest in `numpy/lib/tests/test_polynomial.py` to
>    regular tests. Might be tricky as it mostly checks print formatting.
> Oops, sent prematurely by accident.

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions and comments as to things to do that
would be useful.

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