[Numpy-discussion] is __array_ufunc__ ready for prime-time?

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On Sat, Nov 4, 2017 at 6:47 AM, Marten van Kerkwijk <
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> You just summarized excellently why I'm on a quest to change `asarray`
> to `asanyarray` within numpy

+1 -- we should all be using asanyarray() most of the time. However a
couple notes:

asarray() pre-dates asanyarray() by a LOT. asanyarray was added to better
handle subclasses, but there is a lot of legacy code out there.

An legacy coders -- I know that I still usually use asarray without
thinking about it -- sorry!

Obviously, this covers only ndarray
> subclasses, not duck types, though I guess in principle one could use
> the ABC registration mechanism mentioned above to let those types pass
> through.

The trick there is that what does it mean to be duck-typed to an ndarray?
For may applications its' critical that the C API be the same, so
duck-typing doesn't really apply.

And in other cases, in only needs to support a small portion of the numpy
API. IS essence, there are an almost infinite number of possible ABCs for
an ndarray...

For my part, I've been known to write custom "array_like" code -- it checks
for the handful of methods I know I need to use, and tI test it against the
small handful of duck-typed arrays that I know I want my code to work with.

Klunky, and maybe we could come up with a standard way to do it and include
that in numpy, but I'm not sure that ABCs are the way to do it.



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