[Numpy-discussion] Stricter numpydoc validation

Marc Garcia garcia.marc at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 06:54:38 EDT 2019

In pandas we've been, for more than a year now, enforcing a stricter
numpydoc standard. And we've got a script to help with it, which validates
things like capitalization and punctuation of paragraphs, the documented
parameters (they must match the ones in the signature, have both a type and
a description...), PEP-8 of the standards, and many more things, so all our
docstrings are consistent.

I saw that there is an issue with a discussion on having a more strict
standard for numpydoc, I added a comment there on whether would make sense
to move the pandas standard and validation code to numpydoc:

I think it's worth opening the discussion here too. Is there interest in
the rest of the community on having a stricter standard, and move the
pandas validation (with the required updates) to numpydoc? Of course we can
discuss also the exact standard, but probably worth finding out first if a
stricter numpydoc standard would make sense for everyone.

You can find the documentation of our standard at:

And the script that we use to validate, as well as the exact list of errors
we detect in:

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