[Numpy-discussion] Using a pyproject.toml file

Pauli Virtanen pav at iki.fi
Tue Jul 16 13:59:38 EDT 2019

su, 2019-07-14 kello 09:46 -0500, Matti Picus kirjoitti:
> Questions:
> - Is the pain of adding a pyproject.toml worth it for using towncrier
> or should we o for another release-note solution
> - Is the addition of pyproject.toml problematic enough that I should
> break it out into a separate pull request for evaluation?

This decision is probably better to make separately, without towncrier
as a motivation, since there is some end-user impact (would e.g. have
to be mentioned in release notes).

You probably also need to disable build isolation in numpy-wheels, to
manage the dependency versions manually. It probably also should be
mentioned in install instructions somewhere.

The main thing to watch out with introducing pyproject.toml is that
build-time dependencies for non-pure-Python packages work properly only
with pip 19 (unless they have wheels), which is fairly
recent. Currently, numpy doesn't appear to have any build deps, so this
probably does not matter. However, if you introduce Cython as a build-
dep, it would solve the problem of installing numpy from without Cython
pre-installed, and allows you to get rid of cythonize.py and hacks
associated with setup_requires.

Scipy 1.3.0 has pyproject.toml, and so far it seems the number of
problems associated with it on the issue tracker is very small. Since
it's becoming more common, downstream is forced to adjust
infrastructure anyway, so Numpy hopping onto the wagon probably won't
be a big impact for them.


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