[Numpy-discussion] Complex Normal Generator in NEP-19 extension

Kevin Sheppard kevin.k.sheppard at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 13:01:19 EDT 2019

One part of moving randomgen closer to fulfilling NEP-19 is rationalizing
the API, especially new features not in RandomState. Matti Picus has made a
lot of progress in getting it integrated, especially the part of replacing
RandomState shimed version of the new generator.

There is only one new method in the generator, a scalar generator for
complex normals. It is scalar in the sense that it is the complex version
of np.random.normal, and so supports broadcasting.

This was written based on some GH comments.  This would be a new API and so
it needs to come here first to see if there is any support.

If there is support, then it will appear in the new RandomGenerator, but
not the RandomState replacement. If not, then we can just delete it.

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