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Inessa Pawson albuscode at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 12:51:45 EDT 2019

The NumPy web team has begun redesigning https://numpy.org determined to
transform the website into a welcoming and useful digital hub of all things
NumPy. We are inviting all members of our large and diverse community to
submit their user stories to help us fulfill our mission.

*What are we looking for?*

In simple, concise terms, a user story describes what a user needs to
accomplish while visiting a website. Anyone who reads the user story must
be able to understand why the user needs the functionality, and what is
required to implement the story. User stories must have acceptance
criteria. The shorter the story the better.

*Examples of good user stories*

1. Lotte is a library author that depends on NumPy. She is looking for
information about major changes and a release date of the next version of
NumPy. She would like to easily find it on the website instead of
contacting the core team.

2. Yu Yan was introduced to NumPy in her first week of the Foundations of
Data Science class. She is looking for a NumPy tutorial for absolute
beginners in Mandarin.

3. Tiago is a software developer. By day, he builds enterprise applications
for a Fortune 100 company. By night, he cultivates his academic interests
in statistics and computer science using various Python libraries. Tiago
has an idea for a new NumPy feature and would like to implement it. He is
looking for information on how to contact the person(s) in charge of such

*Please note* that at this stage of the numpy.org redesign our focus is not
on expanding or improving the documentation but, rather, developing
high-level content to provide information about the project to a multitude
of stakeholders.

Every good wish,
*Inessa Pawson*
NumPy Web Team
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