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On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 9:52 AM Inessa Pawson <albuscode at gmail.com> wrote:

> The NumPy web team has begun redesigning https://numpy.org determined to
> transform the website into a welcoming and useful digital hub of all things
> NumPy. We are inviting all members of our large and diverse community to
> submit their user stories to help us fulfill our mission.

Thanks Inessa. I hope to see some user stories in particular from
stakeholder groups that we may not be thinking about yet. Our first focus
is probably something like: beginning user, advanced user, contributor.
Beyond that there's groups like educators and packagers that I hope we can
include specific content for soon. I'm sure we're still missing some
groups, would love to hear specific needs or previous
unsuccesfull/unsatisfactory attempts at engaging with NumPy.

Note that we're keeping track of these user stories in


> *What are we looking for?*
> In simple, concise terms, a user story describes what a user needs to
> accomplish while visiting a website. Anyone who reads the user story must
> be able to understand why the user needs the functionality, and what is
> required to implement the story. User stories must have acceptance
> criteria. The shorter the story the better.
> *Examples of good user stories*
> 1. Lotte is a library author that depends on NumPy. She is looking for
> information about major changes and a release date of the next version of
> NumPy. She would like to easily find it on the website instead of
> contacting the core team.
> 2. Yu Yan was introduced to NumPy in her first week of the Foundations of
> Data Science class. She is looking for a NumPy tutorial for absolute
> beginners in Mandarin.
> 3. Tiago is a software developer. By day, he builds enterprise
> applications for a Fortune 100 company. By night, he cultivates his
> academic interests in statistics and computer science using various Python
> libraries. Tiago has an idea for a new NumPy feature and would like to
> implement it. He is looking for information on how to contact the person(s)
> in charge of such decisions.
> *Please note* that at this stage of the numpy.org redesign our focus is
> not on expanding or improving the documentation but, rather, developing
> high-level content to provide information about the project to a multitude
> of stakeholders.
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