[Numpy-discussion] Google Season of Docs Ideas

Ben Nathanson numpy_gsod at bigriver.xyz
Mon Apr 27 15:32:09 EDT 2020

> NumPy serves many kinds of users....The challenge: provide ways to guide
> those users to the parts of the documentation most relevant to them.

I have a thought on how to approach this. We know many of the communities
NumPy serves; let's next identify (for ourselves, not the proposal) what
each of them needs. It could be as simple as:


   - knows...
   - needs to know...


   - knows...
   - needs to know..

A table like that would be useful for self-assessment and planning. It
helps answer questions like:

   - Which communities are we most shortchanging right now?
   - Which communities do we feel most strongly about (our largest base,
   most disadvantaged, etc.)?
   - If doc D is our next doc, does it help those communities? Or maybe we
   want to go round-robin through communities with each new doc.
   - What assumptions can a writer make about audience background?

We're also then equipped to bring user categories out to a web page and
meet the big-tent challenge head-on, with links like:

   - If you're an educator...
   - If you're a researcher...

each one taking the user to an Educator, Researcher,..., page containing
links to the information they're most likely to want.
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