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>> Greetings,
>> As the Fall semester is fast approaching (10 days away for us at UConn),
>> we
>> are looking for senior design (also called capstone) projects for the
>> 2020-2021 school year. The COVID situation has strengthened the need for
>> remote work.
>> The process here is that students are assigned to projects by late
>> September. Then, they have 6 main deliverables over the course of 2
>> semesters:
>> 1. Initial Fall Presentation (~Oct)
>> 2. Final Fall Presentation (~Dec)
>> 3. Mid-year report (~Jan)
>> 4. Initial Spring Presentation (~Mar)
>> 5. Final Spring Presntation (~Apr)
>> 6. Final report (~May)
>> My question to the NumPy community is: Are there any features or
>> enhancements that would be nice to have, but might not have a team
>> dedicated
>> to the idea?
>> I would be happy to advise any projects that people are interested in
>> proposing. I would like to hear what people think would be worthwhile for
>> students to build together. Some background, these students have all used
>> Python and Matlab for mechanical engineering applications like linear
>> regression, modal analyses, ode integration, and root solving. They learn
>> quickly, but may not be interested in UX/UI design problems.
> Thanks for the inquiry. We are always looking for new people who have the
> time and inclination to make a contribution to NumPy, but NumPy core
> probably isn't a good choice for class projects. Work on NumPy core
> requires C and CPython C-API expertise and experienced programmers
> generally take 3-6 months to come up to speed, the learning curve is just
> too steep for most students. NumPy also needs to be very careful about
> maintaining compatibility with existing downstream projects and in
> introducing new features. I suspect students would enjoy a
> faster moving project.
> There is a lot of work on the website and online documentation that is
> moving faster than NumPy core, but that sounds like it might be out of
> scope for your classes. If not, let us know.
> If you can think of new projects based on NumPy, that might work better.
> They could be written in Python and the students could release them on
> PyPI
> if so inclined. I suspect there are several ongoing projects that are more
> engineering oriented than NumPy and the current Python Science stack could
> use more engineering applications. Perhaps others more familiar with that
> area could make suggestions.
> Chuck
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Thanks for the feedback Chuck. I'll poke around and brainstorm. 

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