[portland] Meeting Wrapup

Jeff Schwaber freyley at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 02:00:13 CEST 2007

Hey all,

Thanks for a pretty fabulous meeting. For those who weren't present,
we had 4ish groups discussing and working on:

Beginning Python (seemed to be more about teaching python and the
standard library)
Web Frameworks / Catchall.

We had a little fizzle after the break, I think because people were
tired and wanted to head out to beer early, so at beer we talked a
little about the next meeting, and how it could be. Here's an idea:

7pm: Introductions, group business
7:15pm: Lightning Talks
7:40pm: 45 minutes small group discussions
8:30ish: Beer!

I'd like to establish the idea that these discussions encourage us to
learn about the topics outside the meeting too. So: any of you folks
at the ReportLab table willing to do a lightning talk next time? Just
give us an introduction to ReportLab with a simple example. I'm happy
to work with anyone interested in doing this but feeling unsure --
email me off the list.

As a second lightning talk, I hope someone* will step up for Module
Roulette. When we get there, we will use a random selection method to
pick a module from the standard library. You can look at it until the
last lightning talk, and then give 5 minutes on it. This is one
lightning talk we'll expect to take a little longer as we figure it
out on our feet, so we'll try to make it low pressure.

Got a topic you want to talk about in the hour after lightning talks?
Be the third lightning talk and start off the discussion. Let me know,
or send a topic to the list. There's a list of topics people asked
about on our wiki at

Lastly, sponsorship. We should have beer and pizza -- certainly we
have the people for it. Does your company think user groups are good
for them? Are they also solvent? Ask around, or let me know who to
talk to and I'll ask for you. It doesn't cost a lot to cover a little

Thanks all, and remember the Code Sprint next Wednesday.


* someone can be me if you'd like. I was really hoping Kirby would try
this out, though. =)

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