[portland] July Meeting recap

jason kirtland jek at discorporate.us
Wed Jul 9 21:20:19 CEST 2008

Another great meeting last night!

Rami and Roman showed us building a web application using the Django
framework starting from just a command prompt.  In 45 minutes we had a
good start on a database-backed, templated address book application.

Michel followed with part 2 of his Twisted presentation from last month.
A great discussion about avoiding the overhead of threads for quick
tasks, and a walk-through of Twisted code implementing a web-click
tracking service.

Michel then followed *that* with a discussion about his team's
adventures trying to find the Python web development environment that
best fit their needs.  Michel showed us code using Werkzeug, and
compared and contrasted their current approach vs. their experience
building out with Pylons.

Thanks everyone for coming out!  The agenda for next month is still open
but I think we'll have lots to talk about: TONS of events going on
between now and our next meeting.  Here's some links from the meeting
and events coming up in the next few weeks:

- http://www.djangoproject.com/
- http://twistedmatrix.com/
- http://werkzeug.pocoo.org/

New! Follow PDX Python on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/pdxpython

  July 20 @ the Oregon Convention Center

  July 21-25 @ the Oregon Convention Center

* FOSSCoach
  July 23-25 @ the Oregon Convention Center

  My understanding is that sessions are still coming together for
  FOSSCoach, so keep checking back on this one.

* XMPP Summit 5
  July 21-22 @ the Oregon Convention Center

* Summer Coders Social - BBQ @ Laurelhurst Park
  August 3rd

  The summer edition of the very successful Winter Coders Social that
  was held at CubeSpace.  Ping me if your company might be interested
  in being a sponsor.


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