[portland] Next Meeting: Django on Jython / Python Eggs - Tuesday, September 9th at 7pm

jason kirtland jek at discorporate.us
Wed Sep 3 23:35:58 CEST 2008

Hi everyone,

Our September Python meeting is next week and we have a great meeting in 
store, including a special guest speaker!

First up, our own Brett will be show us how to produce Python eggs and 
publish them to the Python Package Index (aka the Cheeseshop).

Then Leo Soto, a Jython GSoC hacker, will be presenting his DjangoCon 
2008 talk "Django on Jython".  In Leo's own words:

"Django is the most popular Python web framework, and have managed to go 
through the hard steps of making a high quality 1.0 release. The Jython 
project has awaken on the last years after a dark period, and is in the 
road of its 2.5 release. This scenario presents the cool opportunity of 
exploring the use of a modern Python web framework on top of the Java 

I will talk on how to use Django under Jython, the common pitfalls on 
this setup, and start some discussion about what can take the Python 
(and Django) community from the JVM, and what advantages Django 
development on top of Jython propose for Java projects."

Also we'll get some news from DjangoCon (this weekend, 9/6 and 9/7), 
have some chats, surprise door prizes and maybe more- stay tuned!  And 
after we'll head to either the Green Dragon patio or Produce Row.

- Tuesday, September 9th 7PM at CubeSpace
- Maps, RSVP, etc.: http://python.meetup.com/183/

Some pre-meeting links:

Brett & Eggs:
   brett at rdnzl.net

Leo & Django on Jython:

See you there!


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