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Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Wed Feb 4 05:19:52 CET 2009

On Tue, 3 Feb 2009, Rami Kassab wrote:

> ... and I fell upon PipeLine Deals CRM. It's a fully web based CRM targeted
> towards sales and is only $15 a month per employee using it.


   I don't particularly like web-based apps. I'm the only one here and I want
a local tool with my data residing on my server. It's not so much that I'm
paranoid, I just don't trust my data out in the nasty 'Net world. I want it
here, under my control and behind the firewall.

> The biggest issue I had was all of the clutter and unnecessary things
> other CRMs introduced.

   Yes, too many think of themselves as Swiss Army Knives that must do
everything. But, we don't need to use all capabilities, any more than we use
all the capabilities of other business applications.

> I wish you the best of luck on this journey. There are, literally, hundreds
> (if not thousands) of software solutions that claim to be a CRM. The issue
> is, CRM is such a loose term that they are all really different and are
> tailored to different purposes. The ones that claim can do it all are
> incredibly bloated. I simply needed a tool just for sales right now and
> PipeLine Deals was the right choice.

   This is why TinyERP is so attractive: it's written in Python and is open
source. So, if I could map the various modules and the paths to simple
things like connecting to a database (instead of being told I've a bad
username or password), then I can make it work for my needs. :-)



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