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mgross markgross at thegnar.org
Sun Mar 15 16:28:12 CET 2009

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 07:34:05AM -0700, mgross wrote:
> Last nights pdxpython meeting was pretty much the best I've ever been
> too.  I woke up thinking about some stuff related to python and a
> possible bridge talk I'm starting to consider doing.
> One of the many things that stuck in my head from last meeting
> (besides Machine learning--which was uber cool) was the pytyrant and
> friends talk hitting on the performance of the database.  
> What struck me is the performance delta in database throughput on
> Michael's simple sample losing 2 orders of magnitude int run time by
> using a loop-back network over direct to the file access.
> It got me thinking, hmm, I know a little about how to drill down on performance
> and scaling problems and, I know some experts in the performance area
> I can ask questions of, and I have a few questions on what exactly are
> the performance issues with python and django workloads?
> (like, does my cheap-oh ISP have a legitimate point regarding its
> refusal to support Django sites?)
> So my question to the list is can folks feed me some workloads I can
> use in a side project I'm thinking of starting to drill down on the
> performance and scaling issues with python and Django use for both web
> applications and python code in general?
> My thought is that this investigation and results would make an
> interesting bridge talk.

I'm chickening out on this talk idea.  The following is approximately
what I was thinking of proposing for a talk, but I think its a bigger
topic than I feel good about doing alone.   Also, I think the
following is more of a long form tutorial talk. 

Python web workload performance deep dive with examples.

Ever wonder where the MIPS are going?  Or if you are getting as much
as you should be from your hardware and software?  This talk will go
over example analyses and results for investigations of where the CPU
cycles are going and where latencies are from in a few example
workloads.  The examples will include, compute bound, network data
base related, and a couple of Django workloads.  Linux will be the
assumed OS for hosting these workloads.

If anyone wants to use this idea, or derivative, for a talk that would
be great!  If a few folks want to team up on this idea that would be
cool too.  Note: I've submitted a non python talk proposal already
http://opensourcebridge.org/proposals/40 so I don't want to the main
guy on this.  



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