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Robin Dunn robin at alldunn.com
Tue Nov 10 19:48:55 CET 2009

On 11/10/09 10:19 AM, Robin Dunn wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just received this message about a local job opening. I don't need it
> so I thought I should pass it along to the group. It doesn't mention
> Python, but there are some other skills mentioned where there would
> probably be some overlap.

Oops, I didn't realize that this ml was configured to drop attachments. 
  Here is the text from the original message:

Hi Robin...

I ran across your information in LinkedIn while doing a search for an 
Architect position for a local company. I was curious if you or anyone 
you know might have interest in exploring this opportunity? Thank you!

Our client is currently recruiting a Web Architect contractor. This 6 
month contract position will be reporting to the CTO and may lead to a 
full-time position.

The ideal candidate will be local and available to start work in the 
next week to two.

- This position will focus on designing/building/maintaining the IT 
infrastructure for web based applications.
- The position will mostly involve architecting web solutions with Open 
Source solutions: Linux, Java, Geronimo, PostgreSQL, etc.

Our client is moving from a Windows-based, client-server adaptive 
assessment system to an Open Source-based, web delivery adaptive 
assessment system. The application coding has been going on for almost a 
year and scheduled to complete in early January.

Some of the IBM development team will start rolling off in Nov. Several 
IBM team members will be here through Mar-Apr timeframe when acceptance 
testing of their deliverables is scheduled to complete. A knowledge 
transfer plan is already in place and underway. This Web Architect 
position will be working with the IBM members through acceptance testing 
and also with key client personnel to complete this engagement’s 

1. Create Infrastructure Design Document {IDD} for Macro Design.
2. Oversee and approve creation of Micro Design and Configuration Guides
3. Technical oversight of Deployment through Beta test environment being 
ready for start of Beta Test
4. The IDD should have sections on different environments such as QA2, 
Performance Testing, Staging(Beta) and Production
5. For each environment, the IDD should have sections on load balancers, 
Firewalls, HTTP servers, LDAP Servers, Single-sign-on servers, 
Applications server, Data base servers, Storage and other misc components.
6. Work with the joint client/IBM Infrastructure team, build consensus, 
prepare materials to go through ARB {Architecture Review Board}.
7. Work with other client and IBM teams and team members on other 
related tasks.

IDD for Macro Design, Micro Design and Implementation of Environments.

Required Qualifications
5+ years as a dedicated Web Architect focused on OPEN SOURCE tools and 
technologies, ideally: Linux or Unix), Java, Apache Geronimo (or other 
web servers), PostgreSQL (or MySQL).

Cherice Withers
Principal, Recruiting Consultant
Ally Recruiting
cherice at allyrecruiting.com


Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman

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