[portland] OFF TOPIC: Women Computer Groups in PDX

Daniel Herrington dherrington at robertmarktech.com
Wed Apr 6 03:56:08 CEST 2011


Sorry in advance for going off topic, but someone on PLUG-TALK suggested 
I post over here. The short version is I'm looking into expanding my 
company's pool of women applicants, and looking for geek women's groups 
in PDX.

I've reached out to a woman at OSU and I'm following up on Code N' 
Splode. I'm surprised there's nothing at PSU, but hoping I can get 
direction from some of the women members from this list. Feel free to 
reply to me directly so as not to fill everyone's inbox with replies on 
an off topic subject.

Also, I'm sort of stationed in NYC until the 16th, so if you know of 
anything in that area I can check out while here, I'd be grateful.


Daniel Herrington
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Robert Mark Technologies
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m: 503-358-8575

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