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$20/hr in the programming arena is a starting wage that would normally
include some benefits, time off, and probably mentoring from a senior
developer.  I agree with the earlier wage ranges listed by others on this
thread.  $75/hr sounds like a reasonable place to start negotiations for a
short term, one off type gig.

The earlier point about taxes is good too, in that you would have to pay
self employment taxes and expenses out of your own pocket.

Since you wrote the tool, you are the best person to maintain and extend it.
If another consultant came in they would charge the customer for learning
the system before they could make useful contributions.  In that sense, you
are a great deal to this company and their best option. Don't sell yourself


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> At my last job I created a time clock program to make my life easier.
> I gave it to a different department, too. Then, last July, I was
> canned.
> Programming was not part of my job description at the time.
> Now a third department wants to use my program and they want a few
> extra features added to it. I've been asked to come back as a contract
> employee to get it set up.
> I suspect this will take me a day or two, probably over the weekend. I
> can't imagine this will take more than four hours.
> What is an acceptable rate to charge these people?
> Here's some more context: My wife works for this third department. I
> sometimes work as a math tutor (high-school algebra to college
> calculus) at $20/hr.
> My degree is in education.
> Any suggestions? I'm not going to say no, I just want to know what's
> market-rate fair.
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