[PSF-Volunteers] Better fund raising for the PSF

Carlos Eduardo Sotelo Pinto csotelop at yahoo.es
Wed Oct 5 22:15:27 CEST 2005

Hi Stephan

I can undertand your proposal, but I don't understand what kinf of help 
are you writing. What must be do expecificly if some of us decided help you.

Stephan Deibel wrote:
> Hi,
> I've received absolutely no response from the message below.  If
> there is interest, please let me know before I recommend disbanding 
> the PSC at the next board meeting.
> Thanks,
> - Stephan
> On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, Stephan Deibel wrote:
>>I would like to try to build a better fund raising capability for the 
>>PSF.  While the PSF has done OK obtaining new sponsors by osmosis, and 
>>has done reasonably well through PyCon sponsorships, I think a 
>>manageable amount of additional effort could really increase our 
>>visibility as a worthy charitable organization.
>>For example, we could send a semi-monthly news letter + appeal for 
>>donations to CLP, we could seek out potential corporate donors more 
>>agressively, we could make recommendations to the board on how to 
>>restructure available sponsor/donor opportunities to make those more 
>>attractive, we could start a recurring donor program and/or send 
>>solicitations to past donors say 2X/year, and so forth.
>>In the past year, we've started our grants program (with some success, 
>>tho projects are still going on), we've funded a website redesign 
>>(which I hope will soon get over the deployment hump), and of course 
>>we continue to be the money bag behind PyCon which may in future years 
>>require increasingly larger $ commitments from the PSF.  So there are 
>>certainly compelling reasons to donate to the PSF.
>>Are there people on this list that are interested *and able* to help 
>>with any of this?
>>I should note that the PSF has the Python Support Committee (PSC) that 
>>is chartered to work on this kind of thing, but it has done nothing 
>>recently and there appears to be no interest or time available among 
>>its current members to work on this.  My intention as chairman of that 
>>committee is to reform it with a fresh pool of volunteers, if some can 
>>be found here.
>>Stephan Deibel
>>Chairman of the Board
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