[PyAR2] Progamming Challenge

gslindstrom at gmail.com gslindstrom at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 16:08:59 CET 2008

Hello all,

It's been pretty quite around here. Nothing going on?

My boss turned my on to a great website, www.projecteuler.com, that has a  
lot of great programming problems to work. I did the first ten problems a  
few nights ago (the start really easy and ramp up; having a knowledge of  
mathematics helps see shortcuts).

One of my favorite challenges of old is "Given a positive integer N, return  
a list of the factors of N". Give it a try and post your results. The best  
(as judged by me) routine will be awarded a tee shirt from wearpython.com.

Also, I plan on getting a web site up for us over the holidays. I have an  
account at webfaction.com that I am not using and want to play a bit with  
Django. If you have ideas on what to put on the site, please let me know.

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