[PyAR2] pyArkansas 2012 wants you!

Greg Lindstrom gslindstrom at gmail.com
Sat May 26 16:26:58 CEST 2012

Greetings Pythonistas -

Plans are underway for pyArkansas 2012 to be held on the campus of UCA this
Fall (we are still working on the date).  This is our 5th year and we want
it to be a conference with things YOU want (except for that rascal last
year asking for PERL classes :-).  To that end we are asking for your ideas
and for help in organizing things.

Traditionally, we meet on a Saturday and have classes (2-1/2 hour sessions)
in the morning and talks (30-60 minutes) in the afternoon.  How do you feel
about that?  Do you want more classes?  More talks?  Something else?  And
what topics do you want see covered?  We have had people begging us for GIS
classes since the start and, this year, we hope to bring in a speaker or
two.  The problem is that GIS is a huge field; what, in particular, do you
want to see covered?  Last year we had a class on Blender; should we invite
Gordon back (the class rocked!).  Again, what do YOU want to see?
Beginning Python?  Intermediate?  Advanced?  You will have to let us know
topics (web?  database?  games?  scientific?  robotics?  mobile?
modules?).  We are currently considering web-casting some of the classes
live to Colleges/High Schools around the state in order to get more people

At last count, we had over 60 people on this list.  Please respond and tell
us what you would like to see (nobody will get hurt!).

Also, we are asking for help organizing and putting on the conference.
pyArkansas quite literally started when Cooper emailed me and suggested
that we put it together (5 years ago!).  Neither one of us had much of a
clue, but it didn't stop us from putting it on and having a lot of fun in
the process.  You don't need experience, you just need to want to help and
we'll show you how to get it done.  We need help with:

   - Program (speakers, topics, etc.)
   - Sponsorships (lots of people WANT to contribute $$ but are never asked)
   - Swag (everyone likes free stuff)
   - Tee Shirts
   - Promotion
   - Web (design and content)

If you are interested, please join the organizers list (
http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/pyar2-organizers) and introduce

Everyone else should respond to this list with topics you would like to see

Thanks for your time,

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