[pydotorg-www] project plan

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Apr 22 23:32:33 CEST 2010

> Because where on earth would we put it, and not have it look garish?
> Call it the fact I do have to do some amount of GUI/Web design, but I
> don't like just slapping things in. For example, the donate button
> looks completely out of place to me.

So you'd rather live with an unusable site for 6 more months, than with
a usable but garish one for the same time.

I personally would put such a button instead of the current link
"download Python now" (which actually goes to the download page, so
people would then still have to make a choice what to download).

> Thank you for adding a link. Now how do we solve this:
> http://jessenoller.com/2010/04/22/why-arent-you-contributing-to-python/#comment-46111214

I'd like to point out that this has *nothing* to do with the site.
Whether or not people are asked to search for prior bug reports is a
philosophical project question, one that will not be affected by a site

I personally would be in favor of dropping these instructions, or
clearly labeling them as optional. However, this is for python-dev to
discuss, not for pydotorg-www.

OTOH, being able to report a bug will people get only a tiny bit toward
solving there problem, which is (unfortunately) what they really want -
they *don't* want to contribute to Python, really. So after a while (a
year or two), they notice that nobody is looking at their bug reports.

>> Can you please find out why the link on the left site called "Community"
>> was overlooked? I find that *very* puzzling.
> Again; information density.

Ok. I guess this can't be solved this year, then (I'm not able and you
are not willing to fix it).

>>> 4> Where's a simple way of finding out how to contribute?
>> Core Development/Patch Submission.
> In which we insult people:
> http://jessenoller.com/2010/04/22/why-arent-you-contributing-to-python/#comment-46076802

Will this also have to wait for the site revamp?

>>> 5> Why isn't there a code example on the front page?
>> Is that also coworker's request? How would that have helped the coworker?
> He's given me feedback in the past; ergo, I asked him to restate it.
> It's been a long time since he, or any of us were newbies. He was
> pointing out that when he started, and hit the python site the first
> thing that struck him was a code example.

Ah, ok - that sounds like a "cuteness" argument. Interestingly, I
couldn't find it.

I guess this gets the same fate as many other of your proposed changes:
if I would do them, you still wouldn't like the new page, and you won't
tell me how specifically it should look. Let's hope that you like the
revamped site.


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